Scallop Wharf Art Show and O+W Exhibition Lakes Entrance.

A short but pertinent message of encouragement from our website author for upcoming entries for the FLOAT O+W Art Exhibition.
The exhibition is to be held on
Saturday, June 20, 2020 at 6 PM – 10:30 PM

Slipway Lakes Entrance

480 Esplanade, Lakes Entrance, Victoria 3909

My hand cut graphic, connecting the dots… between the symbolic and historical Bass Strait oil and gas exploration, the impact of Seismic blasting on the Scallop Industry, contributing to the downturn of Scallop Fishing and the livelihoods on the wharf @ Lakes Entrance…a big message from a simple (Pectan Fumatus) Scallop Shell…Go Well O+W.

This exhibition will be the launch of the Lakes Entrance Slipway complex, rejuvenated, refurbished and ready as a visual platform for the arts, community and tourism, a fantastic venue to revitalise the Lakes Entrance commercial Scallop and Fishing Wharf…
For all aspiring artists wishing to enter…visit

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