The purpose of this website is to keep our members, the public and consumers of scallops informed on current Scallop fishing quotas and the state of the Victorian Scallop Fishing Industry industry, as governed by both the State and Federal Governments.

The  Victorian Fisheries Authority, manage the affairs of our industry, within the Small Pelagic, Squid and Scallop Fisheries.

The Australian Fisheries Management Authority  control and manage the Commonwealth Scallop Fishery.

Over the last 15 years our member families have endured a serious reduction in the available Scallop fishing quotas.

Time marches on, with ever changing governments and staff and infrastructure change, it is easy and sometimes convenient for history to be forgotten. This website will be used to re enforce and re state history to ensure the way head does not forget past promises to our Association, and thus our member families.

We have maintained a skilled and committed work force, with fishermen, scallop splitters and associated skill sets.

We ask that the Government instrumentalities provide us with flexible options, not restrictions to allow us to operate.

Our Association has vertically integrated and are educating our members and industry from “catch to point of purchase”.

We understand the rapidly changing world we now live in.

Our concentrated endeavours and mission statement is to have less focus on pure catch results.

We are now focussed on all contributing factors that will allow us to ensure “our best practices” to value add from the Fishery planning process, to the fishing experience on the boat right through to the delivery of prime sustainable scallops for the table of our national and international consumers.