Our aim is to promote the maintenance and operation of an active, sustainable Victorian Scallop Fishery in our coastal waters.

The Scallop Fishermen’s Association Inc, are the representative body of Victorian Scallop Fisherman. Most of our members are based in Lakes Entrance, in East Gippsland, Victoria.

Our members have a deep and enduring relationship with our marine environment, that originated with the discovery of the Victorian Scallop Fishery in Bass Strait by our member Fishermen in 1970.

Prior to 1970, many of our fishing families were pioneers of the traditional Port Phillip Bay Scallop Fishery. Others relocated to Lakes Entrance with the closure of Port Phillip Bay Scallop Fishing in the mid 1980’s.

We understand our relationship to the marine environment we work in.

Our Fishery has been decimated in recent decades, along the East Gippsland Coast by Seismic activity that includes systematic blasting of our traditional scallop beds.

As a consequence our ability to bring high quality, sustainably harvested seafood to the tables of Victorian, Australian and overseas consumers has been hampered by quota restrictions imposed by the State and Federal Government instrumentalities who now govern and regulate our industry.